How Many Bitcoins Do You Have

Bitcoin Q&A: How much bitcoin do you have?How many Bitcoins do you have? – The Bitcoin Forum – Jun 30, 2017  · How many Bitcoins do you have how long will you be holding for?

How many bitcoins does the average person hold? : Bitcoin – From over 2 million bitcoin addresses, the large majority of them have fewer than 1 bitcoin. Most interesting of all to me, to make the 1%er category in bitcoin you need around 50 bitcoins. But I see there are almost 30,000 bitcoin addresses with amounts between 49 and 50 bitcoins.

I have enough disposable income to play around a bit, so I took the plunge and purchased 1 bitcoin today through CoinBase for $671. I feel excited and entertained that I have at least one stake in the game.

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